Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Sister Sevy's amazing view.
Looks like Chookie!
Life of a missionary.
Beds.  No, really, mine's the one on the floor.
Our little tree!  Thanks Mom!
We get beautiful sunsets.
Sis Larsen washing my hair in the sink.  She's the BEST!

It's been an interesting week to say the least.  Here are some updates:

I went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders up in Kelowna.  They are in charge of the YSA there.  Everyone we talked to was smoking weed or drunk.  So yeah.  I missed all my oldies in Oliver.  We had a very intense lesson with a part member family.  Long story short, we basically thought they were going to get divorced (he is very stubborn about the church) and that it was our fault.  But we still love them!

I've slept on the floor for the past 3 nights.  Our mattresses are TERRIBLE.  Like, so bad.  Sister Larsen has some back problems so she's sleeping on my bed (which is still awful) and I'm sleeping on the floor.  We call her bed "the bed from Satan" because you can't sleep at all on it.  Hopefully we'll get some new mattresses for Christmas!  I don't know how much longer I can go running on 2 hours of sleep a night.  No bueno.

It's been a bit warmer here, 2 degrees...we are ever so grateful!

MIRACLE! We had a hard day on Saturday.  No sleep combined with cold weather and all of our appointments cancelling on us makes for some very discouraged missionaries.  So we decided to spend the next 3 hours calling all of our investigators, formers, potentials, and less-actives and inviting them to the branch Christmas dinner!  We left a lot of voicemails and weren't feeling too great about results.  But...Heavenly Father blessed us SO much the next morning!!  We had 4 investigators and 6 less actives show up to church!!!!!  Our diligence paid off!  We were so grateful!  We had about 70 people total at the dinner, which is way above normal for our teeny tiny branch.  As a companionship we've been praying for miracles and Heavenly Father answered our prayers!

We've got all but 2 of the Kinder Surprise Winnie the Pooh collection! It's coming along nicely.  So…I accidentally split [cut, badly] my finger.  I blacked out.  I just remember yelling to Sister Larsen to come in and help me.  For the complete and scary version check out her blog I promise I'm somewhat okay now.

We have 18 investigators in Oliver and 1 in Osoyoos!  We had a phenomenal lesson with one of our newer ones in Oliver, Glenda (name changed for privacy).  We taught her the Restoration and she was more than willing to read the Book of Mormon!

Sorry it's not the most crazy, interesting week!  I guess that's just how life gets once you're out here for over a month!  Transfer meeting is this Thursday and luckily neither of us is going anywhere!  I don't know what I would do without Sister Larsen!!!  She's my BFF4L.

This morning I read Alma 26.  It is all about missionary work!  Mom and Dad, if you are ever feeling concerned about my safety read Alma 19:23.  Have faith.  The sons of Mosiah are just amazing!  I would also recommend reading Alma 17 if you are thinking about a mission!

I love you all and thank you so much for your prayers and support!  Hope you have a phenomenal week…and try to do something good for others!

xoxo A

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