Sunday, March 23, 2014

Just Keep Swimming


My Español is coming along quite nicely. I've been reading the Spanish pamphlets during personal studies and I think I'm catching on. Sister Larsen wants to kill me because I repeat things in Spanish every 5 seconds and generally make up my own words. But WHO CARES because it's the spirit that will speak to Eliseo, not me!

Anyway…Sadly nothing has really happened this week. I don't have much to entertain you with except that a man named Jep now lives in our apartment with us. Mind you Jep is nice and quite friendly. Jep began one night as I was in the shower and yelled to Sister Larsen "why don't you leave the night light on anymore?" She yelled back "I don't know, I just forGET." Well...I thought she said "I don't know, I just leave it for JEP." I thought for a moment, then asked..."uhhh who is Jep and why does he need a night light?" That is how Jep began. Whenever something goes wrong we blame it on Jep. The people who live above us now know about him and leave us notes that are from Jep. He frequently attends church (although rarely seen) and usually likes to lurk around. I envision him being similar to Boo Radley. I know what you are thinking, and no I haven't gone insane yet. Just smile and appreciate our creativity.

This week I was blessed (yes literally, the guy put his hands on my shoulders) by a Seventh -Day Adventist as we were knocking doors. We were chased off a house on the reserve by some angry lady who is very likely a crackhead. As she screamed at us and told us to never come back I gave her a quick salute and thought "God bless you too." We've done lots of yard work and both came to the conclusion that we will be having teeny gardens (you're welcome, future husband).

Now for the incredibly heart wrenching news. Sister Larsen and I are breaking up. She is being transferred to Mapleridge and will be companions with Sister Stewart (side note: Sis Stewart is black and I am jealous of Sis L.). There are three black people here in Osoyoos. I will be staying in Osoyoos and be companions with Sister Bowman. She is currently serving on the [editor: not sure which, but we think Vancouver ] Island and I'm excited to give her a tour of the now-sunny Okanagan. Not gonna lie...I cried for hours last night after we got the transfer call. It's hard leaving your trainer. But I know that I need to spread my wings and fly. It finally hit me that I'm actually on a mission and that whether I like it or is going to be changing. I bought a bracelet last week what says "Just Keep Swimming." (shout out to Jason, Evan, and Hot Carl) That's what I gotta do. Only 13-1/2 more months left to serve the Lord to the best of my ability.  Keep on keepin’ on.

These last few months have been amazing. I owe Sister Larsen everything! Tribute to SIS L – Holla Holla Dolla Bill Yo.

Update: Jim is doing great. Got the priesthood this past Sunday and is going on the branch temple trip this coming Saturday. He will be caring for our love fern (zucchini plant) while we are in the lower mainland.

“Peace and blessins” (can you name the youtube video? – gold star for you!)

xoxo A

PS: new mission motto "YOMO"…you-only-mission-once

Doing a little yard work.

A view of our down.
Read carefully.
A note from Jep.
I'm going to miss this girl.

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