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No lie, I'm speechless right now.  I don't even know where to begin about how miraculous this week has been!  I guess I'll start with how grateful I am my mother and the chance I had to talk to her yesterday.  Although only 5-foot-2, she is someone I admire greatly and look up to.  She's my little hero!  Talking with my family was weird though...Libby even said that I have missionary that's embarrassing.  I hope it leaves before I get home.  Honestly, the entire time talking it felt like a dream.  I think I've been so focused on the work that my 'past life' just doesn't feel normal anymore.  Am I making sense?

Anyway, this week has been ridiculous.  To make a long story short..our final key indicators quadrupled our actual goals.  It was a MIRACLE!  Sister Christensen and I felt as though we hadn't done anything to deserve it.  We sacrificed meal times and basically our own sanity to make sure we met our goals....and that was only Tuesday.  We met the standards of excellence for our mission in just two days.  So...we had no choice but to double, triple, and then quadruple it! 

President Tilleman always says, "Work like it all depends on you, pray as though it all depends on the Lord."  We took that advice and ran.  Literally.  My feet have never hurt more in my life.  A skirt doesn't help either.  Through God's hand, we now have 9 people preparing to enter into the waters of baptism.  WHAT A BLESSING.  Heavenly Father has blessed us so much that I'm barely able to comprehend it!  I've had the "Do you believe in miracles?" tune stuck in my head for dayzzz.  He has put such solid people in our path.  One of the insane experiences we've had this week shows how God's hand is truly in everything.  Right as we get out of the car to start knocking doors...Sis C notices that her bag is gone.  We retrace out steps for a solid hour and no luck.  By this point, like any normal person, she's flipping out. I have this feeling that we should go check the apartment so we do.  Earlier that day one of our members who lives in our building told us about this family that lives a couple doors down from them and thinks that we should share the gospel with them.  As we're waiting for the elevator...guess who shows up. THAT FAMILY! 

After chatting on the elevator and then checking the apartment and finding her hit us.  God set this whole thing up.  We had brushed off the referral because we aren't allowed to teach people in our building...but Heavenly Father had set it up so perfectly just to show us that we needed to teach them.  We prayed and thanked Him for this miracle and chastening us.  Later, we dropped off a Finding Faith in Christ DVD and some popcorn as a sort of Mothers Day gift (give us some slack...we're missionaries).

Another major highlight of this week was having breakfast with President Tilleman (a VERY rare opportunity).  We met at 7am at Whitespot and had a wonderful discussion about the work, his feelings about his mission ending, and what we as missionaries could do to hasten the work in Surrey.  It was heaven on earth to be in the presence of such a kind, genuine man and inspiring leader.

A few things I learned this week:
- Sis C played in ping pong tournaments and enjoys playing the old Chinese guys at the [nearby] Rec Center on p-day.
- Maternity dresses make great missionary dresses
- Canada is truly a melting pot.  I've talked to someone from every continent, no joke.
- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints makes the most inspiring videos
Go ahead...change your life! Check em out!
love you all. make good choices. remember who you are.

Sister Holmgirl from the hood

Breakfast with President Tilleman!

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