Sunday, July 27, 2014

We All Got Problems

So hey,
One of the most insane weeks of my mission. Our baptism didn't go through due to the fact that our investigator changed her mind and now wants to be an what the heck. One of the darling sisters that was staying with us had to go home because she was too sick. Ahh...It killed me inside. She literally had one day to pack everything and get to the mission office. It was an emotional (well obviously, we're sister missionaries) farewell. The three of us haven't been the same since she left. After driving her to Richmond at 5am and then coming back to Compton, I mean Surrey...we were dead. We crashed for a couple of hours then got back to work.
I can't stop thinking about how this one sister has impacted my life. Who would've thought that some diva from Alabama would live in our study room and keep me going when I was down. And I know she's reading this because I told her to read my blog when she got home. I love you tons punk.
I say this every once in a while but it's SO true. MISSIONS ARE HARD. Especially with illness, mental or physical. Kudos to everyone that goes to serve and has to deal with more than just being rejected at the door. It's a battle to get through the day. It's a fight to go out and share the gospel. But it's a battle and a fight and a struggle worth having. This gospel is so precious and as missionaries we are so privileged to present it to our brothers and sisters. Hate to do it but gotta quote Miley again.. There's always gonna be another mountain. I'm always gonna wanna make it move. It's always gonna be an uphill battle. Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose. It's the cliiiiiimmmmmbbbb. Give me slack if I butchered that, I have missionary brain. 

Welp, not much to say other than that. Transfers are this week so #yomo.

That's all from Sister Holmgirl and Sister Moonface (i'm mocking her with her childhood).


Sister Holm

It was Sister Andrews' birthday.  :-)

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