Saturday, June 7, 2014

Another One Bites The Dust

Another month of my mission gone by and....
Congrats my pequeño hermana!
Welcome to the real world! 
 (Woods Cross colors of course!)
Back to life here in beautiful British Columbia! It's been a week of many miracles. I feel like I say that every week... but really. 

We were blessed with many more baptismal dates, investigators at church, and new friends. But the peak of this mountain of miracles was a voicemail from a young friend trying to find the truth. When we first listened to the voicemal, we couldn't quite understand what was being said and we were 94% sure it was a girl.  So we called the number back and low and behold it was someone who wanted to learn more about our church.  We started talking and found out it was a guy named Noah. We set up a time to meet and asked if we could meet at his place....he said he had to go ask his mom. Uh... what the?   We then found out that he was 14. 14!  What fourteen-year-old wants to find out more about religion?? (with the exeption of Joseph Smith).  So we talked to Noah's mom and figured everything out.  Apparently he's been curious about many religions and have been going around asking to learn more about them. So we went to the appointment and he had already checked out a Book of Mormon from his catholic school's library (ya.. weird library) and was in 2 Nephi. And on top of that he had 40 quiestions all written out that he needed answered about our beliefs.. MIND BLOWN. Needless to say, he is stellar.  He believes the Book of Mormon is true and that "it totally makes sense!"  Now just soak all of that in while I tell you more about this past week.
We are also teaching a variety of people. Basically a circus. A recovering crack addict/gang member/biker/, a muslim, a vietnamese mother, and a woman who holds the 2008 or 2009 Guiness Book of World Records record for the most tattoo's (they call her the painted lady). These are just a few of the many interesting kinds of people we teach. Vancouver clearly is a tatted-up melting pot.
Another grand week here in Surrey Currey (also many punjabis (East Indians)).  Can't wait to see what the next episode holds.
On a somewhat spiritual note... "He died for me. I live for Him."
Love always,

sister annie holm

Yes, it rains here in British Columbia
Sikh temple in Delta, BC with the sisters in our zone
With our 'mini missionary' (from our stake; she stayed with us for the weekend)
P-Day chillin' - that outta class feelin.


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