Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ridin round town in the Big Ol Rangee

That song has been stuck in my head all week and I honestly couldn't come up with a better subject line. It does fit in with the fact that I witnessed a car accident and had to call 911.  After checking on everybody we continued to be exactly obedient missionaries and went on sharing the gospel with those looking at the accident.  And no, a Range Rover wasn't involved...just a Honda.  Not sure how this is possible but lots of people drive super expensive cars around here.  I don't know.  But shout-out to mom's side for making me obsessed with cars.
We had a phenomenal day at church yesterday! Five of our friends showed up! 
  • Jonathan - met at Surrey Central, sang a BOM play song to us, and dressed up like a pirate for church. He knew all the answers in sunday school!
  • Connie and Noah (our [14-year-old answer to] J [Joseph] Smith) - he walked in with a note pad and took notes the entire time but seemed to enjoy it overall.
  • Wing - a chinese girl who shows up every Sunday but doesn't have time to actually meet and learn. So... what the heck.
  • Robyn - A MIRACLE! She is the sister of a less active who we've been working with. We met her on Friday and set a baptismal date for June 28.  Saturday she came to a baptism, and Sunday showed up at church for all 3 hours.  She is so prepared and willing to live everything we teach.  What a blessing.  Side note - we had dinner with them last night and taught the POS [plan of salvation]. She adored the cut-outs #sistermissionarygimmicks.
Even with all these miracles, missions are still rough. But through all the tears, frustration, and relentless personal chastening, it is worth it.  We truly do have to apply the atonement if we are going to make it through this life.  I love the video that the church put out around Easter:

I get chills every time that I watch this. What a privilege it is to wear His name.  It reminds me of why I am here and how important it is that I show my Saviour how much I love Him.

  • Got a tom-tom GPS for $10 at a less-active's yard sale.
  • Have a delightful stalker who just doesn't understand why I won't take a chance on him. But his relentless voicemails and texts finally drove me to yelling at him and making it clear that just because he knows who Christ is doesn't mean we can still go on a date. Woof.
  • Hit 7 months and 9 days. Woot Woot.
  • Sister Christensen and I are staying together another transfer here in Surrey.
  • Our lullaby at night is sirens and the neighbors fighting. Here is the mediocre rap I made up about it:
The Surrey sirens wailing and screamin,
just as I am tryin to start dreamin.
The neighbors fight, the baby cries.
Lord I just want to rest my eyes!

I haven't finished it yet...but because of the crow outside of our window I am sure I'll have time to finish it one of these nights.

God bless and love always,

Sister Annie Holm


Oh Joy.
Frequent view.
Another transfer with this fool.

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