Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Email from the MTC - November 12

[ Editor's note: Annie leaves the MTC for Vancouver BC on Wednesday morning, Nov 13.  She's on Delta Airlines 11 AM flight, Terminal 2 at SLC Airport. ]

From Annie 

Hi Holmies,

Thank for you all the packages! I really appreciate you taking the time to send them!

So, some fun stories...
- I threw up all of Sunday, we think it's because of stress. But it was terrible.
- My teeth KILL. I have another appointment with the oral surgeon today just to make sure everything is okay before I go to Canada
- I had to teach the law of chastity lesson in a role play during class... and I failed miserably. I was trying SO hard and nothing came out right! I freaking quoted [ the movie ] 'Mean Girls' (do not have sex, you will get pregnant and you WILL die). My teachers had to leave the room because they were laughing so hard! I'm a pretty good missionary I guess.
-  My THUGGIE arrived! [ editors note:  a Thuggie is a knee+ length hoodie ]  Whoop Whooop! I wore it around the residence hall and got some pretty strange looks, but I was happy so that's all that matters! My roomies locked me out of my room for a while (we are quite the jokesters) and I look like an idiot banging on the door in an oversized hoodie.
- Dad, everyone is envious of my headlamp.

Overall though I am doing a lot better than I was a couple of days ago.   Anyway, everything turned out alright but it's definitely been a growing experience for me. I learned the things I need to work on and hopefully I'll develop them during my mission. Our Elders (going to Colorado) left yesterday and we miss them terribly! Our class/district is now down to 4 sisters. The lessons are better, but I will miss their immature side comments and sassy comebacks!

I'm SO OVER the MTC. It's been great but I've come to realize that speaking English is truly a blessing. Thank you for the love and support, it helped me get through this rough patch. I'll write when I can in Canada!

xoxo A

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