Saturday, November 2, 2013

First letter home from the MTC

Annie’s first letter - Oct 30, 2013 (from Provo MTC)
Dad's note:  Annie reported to the MTC at 1:00 PM on Oct 30 ]


Dear Family,

What’s up Holmies!!  Sorry.  I’m writing this in the dark.  Today was crazy.  So after I left you at the curb, I went and had to do all of this registration.  I felt like I was lost in the French airport again.  I wrote a couple of things down about today, but they are random so forgive me.

My companion: Sister Settle, from Minnesota (however you spell it).  She sings really louds, chatters her teeth, and tells stories.  You’ll laugh at some of our pictures, but I love her.  She’s easy to get along with.  We wear our CTR rings on the same finger.

Neat Facts:  600+ missionaries went in today.  All the new missionaries had a meeting and they had everyone stand up like at different times depending on the country they’re from.  The MTC president said, “Today will be like trying to drink water out of a fire hydrant.”  Oh, I accidentally said “shiz” today and I felt really bad.  Oh well.  I really think debate helped with all of this, especially public forum.  Having to take notes and whisper to my companion.  We have to teach investigators today with a group of about 50 “mish” and we would just raise our hands to say something and guess what…I raised my hand!  I’m a baller! 

LIBBY:  One of the investigators brought up the Shaytards…I was laughing so hard!

RANDOM: Sister Settle and I went to the bookstore and I guess our cards didn’t have money yet…so a hot Elder stepped in a paid for us!  HOLLA!   I was way nice.  I’m in a room with 5 other sisters going to CAN-VAN, so that’s dope.  My P-day is next Wednesday, so I’ll email you then.   Sorry my handwriting/spelling suck right now.  Oh!  The elders in my district are 18 and ADD. Ugh.  Tell Neela I wore my scrunchie on my wrist all day.

On a spiritual note, it’s crazy strong here.  Everything just clicks.   It didn’t hit me until I looked down at my tag @ meeting and realized “I’m a missionary”.  I love it here.  I really do.  I love and miss you guys, but I’ll be okay here.   Put this on my blog.  I’ll try to write you soon – I’m so busy.

Love always,
Sister Holm
Annie, your Holm Girl!

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