Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Email from the MTC - November 6

Waddup Holmies!

I'll give you a brief overview of my last week here at the MTC.  It's hard to remember everything because I'm so busy. 

Wednesday: Day 1 [Oct 30]
I met my companion Sister Settle, who is from Minnesota and graduated high school this year; she’s extremely knowledgeable in the gospel and makes up for what I lack.  Although we are complete opposites, which you will see in the pictures [editor: pictures have yet to arrive], we compliment each other.  I'm grateful for her strengths because they are helping me to overcome my weaknesses.  She makes me feel good about myself.  We have classes literally every freaking second and they last for hours.  The only thing that gets me through is my district.  There are 3 sets of Elders and another set of Sisters (who are also in our room and going to CAN VAN).  The Elders will be serving in the Colorado Denver North Mission and leave this coming Monday.  They will be missed.  FYI I didn't even cry the first day so HOLLA.

Thursday: Day 2
It's extremely hard to get up at 6am.  I should have started a routine or something. Staying out late at Sig [Sigma Chi] is something I now regret.  It's annoying not having a moment to yourself.  The only time I'm alone is either in the bathroom or when I fall asleep in class (often).  On a spiritual note, I feel the spirit 24/7 here.  It's like heavenly Ecstasy.  Everyone loves each other and it's easily felt.  We had interviews with the branch president and his wife came and gave us all hugs.  It was so nice to finally have someone who was sympathetic to my situation hug me.  It felt like my mom was hugging me.  I can tell I'm learning a lot and trying to soak in whatever I can.  I'm very stubborn so I'm trying my best to just roll with things.  Every once in a while I will have a realization that I'm actually a missionary and that I will be doing this for 18 whole months.  Like...what the heck.  It's scary.  I get choked up when I think about it.  During our branch meeting I kept trying to hold my tears back, but the tears weren't for me.  Elder Gates is a convert and he told us about his conversion story.  It's similar to Dad's, so I asked Elder Gates to write it down and I'll send a copy.  It helped me realize why missionaries are so important.  Okay…I guess I'll just say it.  I finally broke down.  Sister Settle had to take me outside so I could cry freely.  When we got back to our room, all the sisters started comforting me (Sister Neubert, S.  Jones, S.  Sanders, S, Dexter).  My group of sisters feels comparable to DG.  We've only known each other a couple of days but we all love each other so much.  As least I do.  My reasons for crying are difficult to explain.  It's overwhelming, uncomfortable, and intimidating here.  The MTC is a nice place full of nice people, but it's also the scariest place I've ever been.  I'm out of my element. 

Friday: Day 3
Finally showered, gross...ya whatever.  I’ve decided that Sister Settle and I are like 21 Jump Street.  Just think about it.  We each taught mini lessons today during district studying.  Sis Settle and I taught it on Enduring to the End.  I learned that we shouldn't just endure, but [that] we should press forward with a purpose.  My heart didn't ache as much today... so hopefully it will be less tomorrow.  We taught our first investigator, Jeremiah.  We learned a little about him and explained our purpose as missionaries.  Sis Settle did really well on using appropriate pauses and I did well on just keeping the conversation going.  I could really feel the spirit as we taught.  We also had gym time...SO FREAK YA.  I run a mile every day and play basketball with the Elders.  I'm trying to help Sis Settle work on her shot so that she can play with us.  It felt good to be myself again.  I felt like Annie, not Sister Holm.  I also finally got letters, so thank you to everyone that wrote me.  It means the world to me and literally brightens my day!!  P.S.: I drank a Redbull today and it was awesome.

Saturday: Day 4
I still love the gym.  Class was bloody hard.

Sunday: Day 5
HALLELUJAH is the best way to put it.  It was so chill.  We had sacrament meeting and other meetings.  It was so laid back.  I had a nice interview with the Branch President and he gave me lots of advice on how to ignore the Elders flirting with me (apparently he noticed it was becoming a problem hahaha) whatever.  As a zone, we went on a temple walk and it was so nice to get out.  I feel better about teaching and I know I can do this.  The Lord is on my side.  I'm here for a reason.

Monday: Day 6
To answer all of your questions about the food....  it's nasty.  N A S T Y.  It's killing me.  I had to leave class early because I was throwing up.  Sorry…TMI.  Luckily I had a doctor’s appt set up for my ear/toothache.  Poor Sis Jones and Sis Sanders are throwing up too.  We are miserable.  We also taught out first TRC investigator…I don't know what that means, so sorry.  Her name is Kitty and she's attending BYU.  She came all the way from China and is very interested in the church.  Missionaries always say that the spirit just pours out of them when they teach, and I can testify of that!  It was crazy.  I just kept testifying to Kitty about how much God loves her.  Our other lesson, with Jeremiah, didn't go as well.  I didn't feel the spirit because I was sick.  My emotions are getting better.  The DearElder [letters] help SO much.  It's nice to hear about everyday things.  I still love the gym.  My testimony is growing so much and I can't want to see where it is at the end of my mission.

Tuesday: Day 7
I had to go to the Oral Surgeon today.  My wisdom teeth area or whatever is infected.  No bueno.  I also saw Gabe Cowely today on the way to the devotional.  The picture didn't turn out great…but oh well!

Wednesday: Day 8
P-DAY YO!  HOLLA FOR A DOLLA!!  We did laundry and just chilled.  We also went to the temple and I ran into Christine Cole!!  It was so nice to do an endowment session with her.  We held hands the whole time.  Mom, I told her to send you pictures that she took on her phone.

I miss you all and am so grateful for your love and support.  I'll try to write hand written letters ASAP.  I fly out Wednesday Nov 13 at like 6am [editor: actual time turns out to be 11 AM].  Thanks again!  The church is true and the book is blue!

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