Monday, January 13, 2014

A Series of Unfortunate Events

[ Editor:  We've reversed the format this week better to match Annie's narrative to the photos that follow.  Apologies for the late post; a business trip got in the way.  ]

Well...this week is a joke. See for yourself:

Tuesday: Hospital hopping. I do not love the Canadian health care system. I felt like a black person during the times of segregation, or even Mary and Joseph trying to get in the flipping Inn.  I love America.  On the bright side, we saw some kids playing hockey on the frozen lake. If that doesn't say Canada I don't know what does.  #canucks  We had pizza that my wonderful Dad ordered for us as our new year's feast.  It was delicious!  Thanks Papa Holm Boi!

Wednesday: Happy New Year!  NOT. Our car broke down on the way to district meeting. We had to call OnStar and Sister Larsen was like "Well.. I don't know how to start this conversation, but we're missionaries..." to the OnStar lady. What an idiot.  But I love her.  We've gone to the dark side and don't know how to start a conversation any other way.  Pray for us.  Anyway, OnStar is a joke and handed us off to about 6 different people (they didn't like us because our car was bought in the US but we were driving it in Canada, like who cares?) So finally we just hung up on them and the mission office called us a tow truck...TWO HOURS LATER. We had some food and our scriptures to keep us motivated (not) and alive (barely).  It was cold to say the least.  Then one of our member's husband (he's a non-member) drove by and stopped to help us.  Big shout out to GINO MARTINO!  We were slowly freezing to death when we saw a man through our foggy window.  We literally screamed with heavenly joy "GINOOOO!!!" and got out and gave him a excited handshake!  Love that man. Then we got the car towed home by a very nice man named Ken who has a nephew who served a mission. Sister Martino came and got us and drove us home. Shout out to her too.  After we got home, one of our formers randomly texted us and we set up a meeting with him.  So that just goes to show that everything happens in the Lord's timing...whether we like it or not.

Thursday: (It gets better) It was Sister Larsen's 20th Birthday!!!  HOLLA HOLLA DOLLA BILL YO!  (inside comp joke) Her mom sent me some decorations and because we're always together...I couldn't find a time to put them I just decided to go in the bathroom and decorate that because it's was the only time I could be alone.  We are extremely obedient missionaries, ya know?  Heavenly Father gave Sis L the gift of the car being fixed.  We got our oil changed a couple of weeks ago and I guess the guy didn't screw the radiator cap back on properly.. so that's why the car overheated and ruined our new years.

Friday: We went on exchanges with the Penticton sisters. Sister Foley came down to Oliver with me!  We sang Saturday's Warrior (Line-upon-line is my new favourite) all the way back!  Sister Foley and I have the exact same birthday!  Aug 2 1994!  Pretty cool.  She is from Liberty Missouri.  We found 2 new investigators together and had a successful day!

Saturday: We found out one of our members has a crush on another one of our members.  Ugh, so much drama.  Hahaha just kidding.

Sunday: Fast Sunday is hard.  We both get very thangry (tired, hungry, and angry).

Monday: Amazing p-day!  We started a new tradition to get Jampee's Thai Kitchen every Monday!  She amazing.  If you live in Oliver (not likely) go get some of her mini spring rolls and curry chicken!  To die for. We made up a song about her because we love her that much.  While tracting that night we came upon a rare ASIAN!  Maybe 1 out of 10 in Oliver.  We also talked to a random guy who couldn't really explain what religion he was...but he said he was definitely not Muslim.  So…sorry Neela and Neena...he doesn't like you.  But I love you so that's all that matters. We also get a lot of encouragement from strangers who say things like..."No, I don't want a card, but you girls sure are troopers!  Stay warm honey!"...and..."We really admire what you two are doing, but no thanks."  We take what we can get.  We also found a less active who we had never heard of.   Like What?

Tuesday: Ahh...what a great day. We drove to Penticton for zone meeting. While driving I like to relax, so my seat was laid all the way back. We were talking about all the things we wanted to work on and being better missionaries. Then a bird hit the side of our car and died.  So there's that.  I sat up and we both freaked out for a second...but we couldn't turn around because we had to go to zone meeting.  Somehow that was a sign from God...but we don't know if it was good or bad.  Sorry He had to sacrifice that dumb bird to tell us something.  At Zone meeting Elders sit on one side and Sisters on the other. I don't know why I’m telling you that.. but I think it's weird. Whatever. It was a great meeting nonetheless. I accidently used slang (something I’m working on) and said "yeah we just gotta kill it!" I looked like an idiot. Oh well. Sis L and I love making funny comments to each other during those meetings. Don't know what I’m going to do without her!  Miracle time!!!  <--- kill me. But we really did have some miracles!  We took our lunch in Penticton and went to Wal-Mart. As we were leaving...some man shouted to us "Hey are you the missionaries from the LDS church?" and we were like "yeah. hi" and then we walked over to his car and had a conversation with him. Apparently he's a less active in the Penticton ward and is struggling with his faith.  We invited him to call the local missionaries and go to church on Sunday.  As we were walking's like The Lord Himself was there and flipped me around and I walked back to him and started testifying about the gospel.  I was literally an instrument in the Lord's hands.  Then we said a prayer with him and drove back.  It was bizarre and amazing.

What a week.

The church is true!  I pinky promise.

xoxo A 

OnStar "hold" music...not appropriate for missionaries.

Message to anyone passing by.

We read scriptures while we waited for the tow truck.

The tow truck.  A welcome site.  Sort of.

The white tailless cat.  It doesn't show up in pictures
because it's magic.

It's paw print!

Osoyoos Lake.  Canada is beautiful.

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