Monday, January 6, 2014

The White Tailless Cat

Christmas Morning.
 Cool socks from Sis L.

Haul of fuzzy socks, hand sanitizer, chapstick, and pony tails.

Hi All,

Sorry this is so short.. I've had the flu, so nothing interesting has happened this week! Most of our branch has been in the hospital this week. Most are doing well, but others aren't looking so good. We spent a good portion of 2 days at the hospital visiting our beloved members. Not gonna lie...Christmas was hard. We had Subway [ sandwiches ] for Christmas eve dinner. Yeah, what a joke.  Sister Larsen gave me some socks, so that was exciting!  Thank you to everyone who sent me gifts,  I truly enjoyed them and will put them to good use!  Thanks family, for the lovely towel set, bathrobe, and slippers. They keep me warm up here in the great white north!

So. The white, tailless cat.  It wanders around by our apartment everyday.  We used to yell at it and just not be nice...because it's weird looking. (we've repented).  But everytime we would see the cat, we would have a good day!  Well...this past week was absolutely terrible.  We couldn't figure out what was going on...but last night we saw the cat!!  It clicked.  That weird little thing brings us good luck!  So now we wave at it and sing praise (not really) whenever we see it. The moral of the story is...white, tailless cats are magic. Yep.

Love you all, thanks for your support!

xoxo A

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