Friday, January 31, 2014

Slams, Shells, and Sacrament

 It took me a while to come up with that subject line, but it is an accurate description of our week!

Although I've only been out for almost three months (I know, I know.  It feels like 2 days) I've accumulated so much!  This week while tracting, a Pentecostal woman didn't want to hear our message, but liked us enough to give us some Moon Snail Shells.  Say that fast, I dare you.  She said they are found on the island and she gathers them every year!  They are pretty large…so I'm not sure how I'm going to haul that around with me for another 15 months.  Some of our members gave some shells too…but it was more like their garbage because they had had escargot the night before (you know who you are...Sis M).  But they are still cool and we are going to beg Sis B to give us some of her [ stick-on ] googlie eyes so we can make our own renditions of Marcel The Shell.  We were also given some painted rocks by one of our investigators!  He is First Nations.  Sis L got the one with the wolf on it, but because I'm weird…I ended up with the goat one. 

On a slightly different note, we've had some super odd/wonderful things happen this week!  We've been screamed at in different languages, been told what we believe, and the best a DOUBLE DOOR SLAM!  The guy tried to slam it but it didn't he had to do it again as we were STILL standing there.  He just really needs the gospel.

On to the miracles!  We were talking to this woman (20's) at her door and suddenly some guy walked up to the door and said "who are you?" and we said "missionaries" and he started to slam the door...BUT the woman fought him and for like a solid 30 seconds.  Sister L and I just stood there watching them go back and forth trying to slam then open the door.  After it finally slammed...we yelled "have a nice day!" and she yelled back through the door..."you too!"

We were bummed because we had felt a strong spirit when talking to her.  Then after like 5 minutes, we hear "HEY LADIES!!  WAIT!!!" So we whip around and see the woman running after us!  She came and said something like she felt good talking to us and loves God (it was all such a blur).  Then she went on to tell us that she had almost been sent to prison earlier that day because she used to be a heavy drug user.  She told us that she had seen God's hand in her life and knew that she was able to go free because of Him.  So…of course we made her a new investigator!  In order to do that though, you have to set up a return appointment and say a prayer.  So, as Sister Larsen went to offer the prayer…the woman lit up a cigarette and grabbed our hands. the middle of the dark street we all held hands and prayed while she had a cig in her mouth.  I've never felt the spirit so strong or laughed so hard in my life.  What a moment.  This gospel is so true.  People are willing to chase us down in order to have it.  I love this woman with all my heart and I know that this is exactly what she needs to continue turning her life around!  I'll keep you updated!

Now for the final bit...sacrament.  Sis L and I usually sit in the back (with the hope that new investigators will show up and sit with us).  While the sacrament [bread] was being passed, Sis L got her piece and accidently dropped one on her lap.  So, being the great companion I am...I just ate the one off her lap. made us both start giggling.  One family a couple rows up turned their heads and just shook them at us.  So that was fun.

As members of this church, we truly have the Pearl of Great Price.  As missionaries, we have the privilege to share that beautiful knowledge with souls who are prepared to hear it.  It's not always going to be easy, but we just have to keep moving forward.  D&C 100:12 "Therefore, continue your journey and let your hearts rejoice; for behold, and lo, I am with you even unto the end."  Dory [ from Finding Nemo ] might have said it in her own way...”Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”  :)

Other highlights of the week:
  • Man with an axe in subway (typical Canadians)
  • Interview with President Tilleman up in Kelowna and being able to see 4 baptisms!
  • Drunk Man Withers...the scary guy who walks by our apartment.  One time he was drunk running down the street with a bottle in his hand and waving his arms.  So we call him, ‘drunk man withers’.
  • While tracting, we knocked a door with some glass.  We could clearly see the man watching we rang the doorbell thinking he couldn't hear us.  He didn't move.  So Sis L waved.  Still no movement.  Clearly he was ignoring us.  But it's okay.  We'll laugh about it with him someday.
  • There was a cricket in the washroom this morning and sis L had to come in and kill it for me because I was preoccupied
  • SHOUTOUT TO EMMA TIERNAN, ELIZA ALVEY, and BAILEY PASSEY for the wonderful Christmas tree!  Thank you for helping out with that!  I loved it :)
  • We talked to a Hispanic fellow who had an 1983 book of Mormon signed by the missionary who gave it to him
Thank you for all your support and letters!  I really do appreciate it!  God is good!

xoxo, A

My collection.
Our sweet first nations rocks. 
Tucelnuit Lake is still frozen.  Brrr.
My one true Holmie!

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