Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Silver Lining


 Fun fact, unicorns are mentioned in the Bible!  Deuteronomy 33:17.  So clearly they are real.  It's been a fun week, as always.  Sister Larsen and I still get along (it's a miracle, I know!) Just kidding.  I'll cherish whatever time we have left before she leaves, even though I pray every night that she'll stay for just one more transfer!  I need her!  She is the yin to my yang!  The wind beneath my wings!  In other news, we got dropped by not just one but five of our investigators.  We were devastated.  But every cloud has a silver lining and we found four New Investigators! 

Heavenly Father really does prepare people to hear his gospel and we were able to have an incredible lesson with one of them today!  She is a hard-core Christian and is looking for a church.  She wants to read the BOM and is open to learning more.  It was the best lesson I've had since being out here.  God blessed us to know how to answer her questions.  Missionaries are truly instruments in the Lords hands.  Another one of our new investigators was found outside of our chapel.  A couple of weeks ago we were having our correlation meeting with our branch mission leaders and were talking about how we haven't talk to anyone in a while (meaning people who actually wanted to talk to us)...then I saw a guy walk by the window…and the spirit literally picked me up out of my seat and I opened the door and ran after him.  Sister Larsen ran after me because we always have to be in sight and sound…haha.  We talked to him and gave him our number and card.  He seemed interested and was in a hurry.  A couple weeks later we saw him AGAIN.  We yelled his name and had a phenomenal conversation with him.  He became a new investigator and we're seeing him next Sunday.  God is Good. 

Another miracle happened, mostly with Sister Larsen.  We were driving on the main road and out of nowhere she flipped the car around and started driving the other way.  She said "there is a man on the side of the road with a walking stick and he needs to hear the gospel."  I was like “what the heck, but okay, whatever you need to do”.  So we pulled over and got out to talk to him.  Turns out he's read the BOM and studied it extensively.  We'll call him Ronald.  He said it says, "and it came to pass" 1200 times.  Like…Who is this guy?!  So we have an amazing quality gospel conversation with him and give him our info.  We were bummed he didn't become a new investigator, but Sister Larsen followed the spirit anyway.  So…a couple days later we had just got a text from someone saying they didn't want to meet with us anymore.  Not a stellar start to P-day.  Then we noticed we had a voicemail (our flip phone is suuuper ghetto and doesn't know how to do anything right) from a random number.  No one ever calls from the cards we hand out…so being the unfaithful missionaries we shouldn't have been…we figured it was from someone who hated us and was going to say mean things.  To our utter astonishment it was Ronald saying he loved our little chat and wanted us to come over for tea next week!  Tea is big here in Canada for some reason, maybe English influence.  Anyway, we called him back and set up a meeting.  Sister Larsen and I pray for miracles every single night and the Lord continually blesses us with them.

On a funnier note, one of our investigators (who tend to be old men) was mad that he couldn't hug us so he kissed our hands.  So, there's that.  While tracting we had a convo with a lady who said she was "in love with Jesus," and boy did she mean it.  Super uncomfortable.

The white, tailless cat now has a name…Sir Galihath.  We've seen him a few times and finally got a picture with him in it!

I've been thinking a lot about what I wish someone would have said to me right before I left on my mission.  So, here are my thoughts.  Be humble.  Remember that what you are doing isn't for or about you or your needs.  You are doing HIS will and serving HIS children.  Even though people will be mean or won't want to hear your message, they are all still children of God.  3 Nephi 12:45, "for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good." Love everyone.  Love your companion, your leaders (they are inspired of God 100%), love the people, and love the Lord.  Lean on Him.  Proverbs 3:5-6.  It's overwhelming, but just embrace the change and let the Lord shape you into what He needs you to be.  Don't be afraid of being dorky or not knowing something…who cares.  Everyone is here to learn and become disciples of Christ.  Look up 5 scriptures that define you.  Keep those in your heart always and don't forget who you are.  He called you to your specific mission for a purpose, even just to touch one person’s heart.  Alma 26: 30, "our joy would be full if perhaps we could be the means of saving some." Every soul is precious to God.  Don't focus on numbers.  Missions are really hard, but it's only a taste of what our Savior went through in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross.  He knows all of your pains.  Enjoy this adventure.  It's the best decision you will ever make. 

I know this gospel is true.  I'm so grateful for the privilege to share it was every single person I meet.  Talk to everyone.  Trust the Lord with all your heart.  Build your testimony upon the rock, which is our Redeemer.  Go out there and kill it.

xoxo A

My great companion and me.  We love each other.

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